About us

Ready for the new season with the certainties of previous years. There are several references on the main travel portals.

Tripadvisor – Certificate of Excellence 2018

The first, not new, is yet another certificate of excellence awarded to us by TripAdvisor for this 2018. A “THANK YOU” is a must to give it to all the people who have chosen us and who have also returned (to further testify our excellent work) : Score 4.5 stable


9.2 is the score calculated on the 530 reviews on the Booking.com portal


4.8 is the score calculated on the reviews on the Expedia portal


Also for 2018, the largest travel portal in northern Europe reports us among the accommodation facilities in eastern Sicily with a score of 6 out of 6 based on guest reviews.


An important recognition is given to us by the portal dedicated to B&B Bed-and-Breakfast.it