Considered one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians in history, Archimedes' name is still closely linked to his city, Syracuse . Here it is still possible to find attractions, statues, exhibitions and places of interest dedicated to this genius who lived in the Greek age right in the Sicilian town.

Are you on holiday in Syracuse? Discover with us an interesting itinerary to get to know the figure of Archimedes better.

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Heading towards the island of Ortigia you can find between the two bridges that connect the city and its historic center an imposing statue dedicated to the famous scientist from Syracuse. Archimedes is represented standing, intent on observing the sea with a mirror in his hand, which symbolizes the enterprise of the burning mirrors, when Archimedes burned the enemy ships that were entering Syracuse. You can admire it during the day, illuminated by the bright sun of Syracuse , but also in the evening, when it stands out among the thousand lights of Ortigia .

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Entering Ortigia, a practically obligatory stop is the museum dedicated to Archimedes and his natural successor Leonardo da Vinci . The museum presents some of Leonardo's most important machinery , brought to Syracuse directly from Tuscany, as well as those of 'our' Archimedes. Syracuse could only be the site of this exhibition, given the historical link between the two geniuses to whom this is dedicated.

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Also on the island of Ortigia, not far from Piazza Duomo, we find a suggestive exhibition entirely dedicated to the inventions of Archimedes in the old church, now a gallery, of Montevergini. The exhibition consists of a 360 ° projection on a space of 200 square meters. An itinerary that allows us to immerse ourselves in the Syracuse of Archimedes' times, to better understand the functioning of the machinery designed and built by Archimedes.

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After visiting the splendid Piazza Duomo, near the Fonte Aretusa , you will find the Archimedean Spiral , inspired by one of the most famous discoveries of the Syracusan genius. The Spirale delimits the space occupied by the so-called “Piazzetta degli amorati”, which overlooks the crystalline sea of ​​Ortigia, and is a clear sign of the indissoluble bond between Syracuse and 'its' Archimedes.

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Near the Archaeological Park of Neapolis (click here to find out more about the park) is the Technopark of Archimedes , for a dive into the past, in particular to the glorious Greek era prior to the destruction of Syracuse by the Romans. Inside the Tecnoparco it is possible to admire faithful replicas - in full size or in scale - of most of Archimedes' inventions and of the war machines used in the third century BC The park is also equipped with a green area used for conferences and events .

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