Infiorata of Noto

The infiorata of Noto takes place every year on the third Sunday of May. In via Corrado Nicolaci the Baroque spring comes to life, this imaginative explosion of colors and shades, the impact is strong, at the top the church of Montevergini contrasts with the palace of Prince Nicolaci "golden villa", which with its balconies, defined by many of the most beautiful in the world is a counterpoint to the various floral paintings. Today the infiorata of Noto is considered among the most beautiful events in the whole of eastern Sicily and a source of pride for the province of Syracuse. In the preparation, various moments are distinguished: the reproduction of the sketches, the execution of the silhouettes that are traced on the road section and the preparation by the flower artists who together with their collaborators, cover the drawings already traced on the paving with flowers. via Nicolaci. The work of “infioratura” of the panels lasts all night on Friday and Saturday. On Sundays the floral carpet is ready to amaze thousands of Italian and foreign visitors, until well into the sunset. In the evening the start of shows and collateral initiatives, cultural events of all kinds, including exhibitions, exhibitions, tastings, itineraries in the historic center and in the area, museums and churches open.

It happens, once a year, that the heart of the city, the stone garden, becomes a living enclosure, teeming with people at work, and dresses up with the scents and colors of the flowers.

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