Syracuse, by size is the fourth Sicilian city, therefore during peak hours (12:00 and 19:00), traffic is intense and finding a parking lot can be difficult. Here are some tips and suggestions for the tourist  about  where to park in order to visit the main monuments of Syracuse.

An obligatory stop for those who visit Siracusa is the historic center of Ortigia, connected to the mainland by two bridges.

In Ortigia you will find the main monuments and attractions, the temple of Apollo, the Aretusa source and the Maniace castle and the cathedral.

At the entrance of the island are the traffic lights of the ZTL (the restricted traffic zone) before getting into it always be careful that they are not lit, as well as moving to the island with a car is quite difficult  we suggest to enjoy the island on foot.

However, you can reach the Talete parking near the street  market or the two small and very crowded  park places on the Marina.

Ideal for convenience and simplicity is to park at the S.Antonio Molo, a very large chargeable area, the parking lot St. Anthony is 5 minutes walk from the historic center and about 300 meters from B & B NOSTOS.  This is a parking lot  with an ATM (€ 1.00 per hour for cars, 10 € H 24)

Along the Corso Umberto I (right below the B & B) you can park with paid tickets in the blue strips. The price is € 0.80 per hour, for a 4 hour stop the price is 2.50. Parking is chargeable from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. Sundays and public holidays are free of charge. Tickets can be purchased at the nearest tobacconist or reception desk at B&B NOSTOS.

It can be also  purchased with a simple sms by sending a message using the number 4893893 writing : PARK  and PLATE NUMBER (for one hour parking) Park4 and  PLATE NUMBER  to park four hours.

It is also possible to park for free on all the side roads adjacent to Corso Umberto I (eg Viale Montedoro, Via Palermo Via Malta) in white stripes.

Avoid always yellow reserved pitches.

Near the archaeological park of Neapolis there are no large parking lots, but it is generally  easy to find a free parking lot (White Stripes) along the adjacent streets and eventually  toll parking on blue strips. There is a private car park at Via Giuseppe Agnello.

Near the Teocrito Boulevard you will find the archaeological museum “Paolo Orsi”, the catacombs of San Giovanni and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of tears you can look for parking in the blue striped areas located in Piazza San Giovanni or in the adjacent streets. A few meters from Teocrito Avenue you will find Parking Von Platen.

Very interesting is  the service of MINI bus in particular The n 2, starting from the pier S.Antonio every 20 minutes , you can reach the main attractions located in the  high  side  of Siracusa.


Free  White Stripes         Blue Paid with Scratch and Stop or SMS                 Yellow Strips Reserved.